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Meet the Ervin Family!

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Say Hello to Jennifer, Julia, & Sophia Ervin

Story by Jennifer Ervin, Seville Resident

Photography by Christine Lowell Photography

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Hello, Neighbors!

My name is Jennifer Ervin. I have the most amazing, talented and funny daughters. Julia is 15 and a sophomore at Casteel and Sophia is in the 8th grade at Casteel. We live in Talavara and have lived in Seville ever since we relocated here from CA in 2005! 

I never thought that Arizona would be my home state, but we all love it so much that we are official zonies now. Leaving California and moving to Arizona wasn’t a hard decision. We saw the values of homes and saw that we could have granite AND French doors, and we were sold!

I am a Real Estate Agent with Darcam Real Estate! I sell Residential Real Estate and also work with Investors who flip homes! It is seriously so fun and I couldn’t imagine a career in anything else! Meeting new people and talking about their hopes and dreams is something that makes me happy. I love the opportunity to help them and lots of times we become lifelong friends!

We love Seville! The girls went to elementary school at Riggs and have grown up with the same friends and neighbors! We love the community and how everyone looks out for everyone! Plus, it’s fun!

Our most favorite thing to do is travel. We don’t even care where or how. Ask us to go somewhere and we won’t ask any questions and our answer will always be YES! We have traveled all over Europe, Africa and the United States. Camping, hiking, White water rafting, the spa…its all an adventure to us. Meeting new people and hearing their stories is something that we all love and cherish! Julia’s favorite place is New York, Sophia’s favorite place is Switzerland and I love everywhere, but give me trees or a beach and I’m a happy girl.

Sophia plays soccer competitively for GYSA and was on the Casteel soccer team. We travel a lot for soccer and I am the craziest soccer mom and love every minute! She also rides horses and has NO FEAR. Julia loves everything about being a teenager and hanging out with her friends. She is always busy with friends shooting videos and editing for their YouTube channel “MJGM”! She is taking photography to even better her skills!

If you see us around, come say hi!

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