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The Fabian Family

Meet The Fabian Family. (Left to right) Alan, Stacy, Pete, and Will

Photography by Christine Lowell Photography

Name of Neighborhood
Desert Place at Morrison Ranch

How are you spending your time together?
We are enjoying more of the simpler things. Lots of bike rides and outside playtime in the backyard. Stacy and Pete both work full-time and Will and Alan are in 2nd and 1st grades respectively, so there is a hard balance to the juggle of school and work while still not missing out on the opportunity for more quality family time. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows but we are finding we communicate better about our needs and respecting our needs for alone time.
We’re also discovering lots of family games and digital calls with friends and families. Stacy’s parents have been calling the boys nearly every day for story or activity time. Both sides of the family have had (somewhat chaotic at times) group video calls and that has really lifted everyone’s spirits.

What uplifting stories have you heard from around town or in your neighborhood?
Our neighborhood is doing many things to help keep each others’ spirits up. From hearts, shamrocks, and bear in the windows to beautiful chalk art. Physical reminders that we’re here for each other. People are sharing what they need and others are helping fulfill those needs. It’s times like these that we realize just how many people are here for us and want to help others be ok. I’ve even had Driveway Drinks with those on my street (6ft apart of course) to catch up and keep our connection strong.

Any words of support to others around you?
While this situation is far from ideal, we’ve found it helpful to find a couple of ways to connect with those around us. Digital or in our home. And lower our expectations!! We don’t try to be the “Pinterest Parents” or worry about the perfect food to serve. And if our kids have more screentime than normal, that’s all fine! This is a weird time we are in but we’re trying to not add to our stress. I think others are probably in the same boat. I think many of us are doing just fine.

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