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What I Miss About the Holidays in AZ

What I Miss About the Holidays in AZ.

Written by Alisha Joshi, Fulton Ranch Resident

When most people think of the holidays they think of snow on the ground and a chill in the air. They think of holding warm cups of hot chocolate and the smell of the fire burning. What these people don’t know is the holidays in Arizona. The holidays in Arizona are something else, nothing beats going for a nice walk after Thanksgiving Dinner and feeling the “chill” of 75 degrees.

I fondly remember going to see Christmas Lights in Ahwatukee, and going to see the Temple Lights in Mesa. I remember the Tumbleweed Tree in downtown Chandler and walking around Downtown Chandler with an ice cream cone in my hand and my winter hoodie on.

I lived in Arizona for 18 years of my life and did my undergrad in Snowy Upstate New York and currently live in Chicago where I go to Medical school. No matter how hard I try, I can never explain what the holidays in Arizona mean to me. After living so far away from home for so long, the holidays do not just mean the weather and things around me but also my family.

I miss my parents so much and I associate the holiday time with being stress free from school and just hanging out with my loving family. And how could I forget the food, nothing beats home cooked meals! Along with that I miss hanging out and celebrating with my neighbors right her in Fulton Ranch.

The community that we have created here is so welcoming and I look forward to coming back. I love the transition of when I leave in the Fall to coming back in December to see the front light posts on Ocotillo lit up with bright white lights, not to mention the Ramada area in the middle of the lake with the beautiful scene. I miss the holiday time in Arizona but I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful area and call it home. I hope everyone has an extremely happy holiday season and is enjoying the lovely weather because nothing beats an Arizona Winter!

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