Getting Started

Getting Started with NaberLink

Building Stronger Communities for a Cause


A brand new social platform to start from scratch. Start fresh and really get to know your connections.

Exclusive Content

Get to know your neighbors by reading their stories. these pages are only available to residents of your neighborhood. Privacy is our main focus here.


We pay you to connect with the community. As you share, you will be earning points that can be used to buy gift cards to local businesses. Or you can donate your points to a local charity.

Our story

We have been in the community building business for over three years. We enjoy helping people meet neighbors and we love giving back to our local community. Through our neighborhood newsletters, we have been able to share the stories and lives of residents of these fine communities. We would like to be able to do that in all the neighborhoods around the Valley.

For a few years now, when people find out what we do, they instantly want the same for their neighborhoods. We would like to offer an alternative to big social media and allow fellow neighbors to really connect with each other. We decided to add the NaberCoin system to really make it fun while supporting the local economy as well.

Building Stronger Communities for a Cause!

A message from our founders

Welcome to NaberLink.

We know that you have many choices in social media and we appreciate you giving us the chance to help you in getting to know your neighbors and community a bit better. That’s exactly why we developed NaberLink.

Who we are:

NaberLink is the work of myself, Rick Jewett, and my wife, Traci. We have lived in Gilbert for over 10 years and we love it here. We’ve raised our children here and we love the similarities that Gilbert has to our hometown of Cleveland Ohio. We produce neighborhood newsletters for the communities of Seville, Fulton Ranch, and now Encanterra and we have learned that a strong neighborhood is a safe community. People enjoy learning and knowing who lives around them.  While NaberLink is not related to or a part of that business whatsoever, it will allow us to continue what we love to do in other neighborhoods around the valley. Over the years, many folks from other neighborhoods have seen what we do in Seville and want the same for their neighborhood. While starting up magazines in multiple neighborhoods in not impossible, it is difficult to do all at once. That’s where NaberLink comes in.

We would like to provide a unique and safe place for neighbors to get to know each other a little bit better. We also would like to do this in a manner that will benefit our local community, local area businesses, and our local economy!

Privacy and Exclusivity are our highest goals.

We will never sell or share any of your data or private information period. Our local business attorney, Matthew Harrison with Harrison Law, is going to be revising our privacy policy to reflect what we are doing and also protect you, the users of NaberLink. Also, you can delete your profile at any time and it will delete all of your data at the same time. Our website and applications are compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations that were adopted in 2016 and became enforceable in 2018.

Why we are doing this:

Big social media is getting out of control. Privacy and data breeches are a daily concern of so many users. Research shows that most users of social media do not even know over half of their “friends” or connections. They are sharing their lives with unknown strangers. How scary is that?

By joining NaberLink, users will be able to connect with their neighbors in a secret group that only resident of their neighborhood can join. We actually verify addresses and then and only then, do we add them to the group. The neighborhood “Exclusive Pages” are also under the same security and will act as your neighborhood’s private magazine. In these pages, you will be able to read articles written by your neighbors for your neighbors. Learn about your neighbors and what they like to do. It really is unique!

This entire project was originally intended to be a way to fund our non-profit that we started this year. TeenLink AZ is our foundation that will help to address the issues that our teens and pre-teens are facing as the grow into young adults. We are partnering with local East Valley schools to address the teen suicide issue and provide resources to the schools that help to educate our youth as they grow. We are currently working with Chandler Unified Schools and would like to add Queen Creek and Higley Schools as well. We are also sponsoring the First Annual Queen Creek Restaurant Week in September. Details will be posted on NaberLink next week. Over ten local area restaurants will be donating back a portion of their proceeds for an entire week! So awesome! If you’d like to find out more, please reach out to me.

As we developed NaberLink, it turned into so much more. We will continue to fund TeenLink AZ as you can see the charity is one of our many charities that you can donate to in our store. In fact, over $400 has been donated back to TeenLink AZ from our awesome users.

What’s in it for you:

Social Media. Our social media is a friendly and safe place for you to get to know your neighbors. While your neighborhood group will be exclusive to your neighborhood and only your neighbors can see what is posted there, you are able to create other groups and join groups that you are interested in. Like to scrapbook? Create a group and get other to join! We even allow you to invite family from across the city or across the country. We understand that many of us have family from out of state. Invite them to NaberLink and they can see photos and topics that you share to the main feed. You never know, maybe they’d like introduce NaberLink to their neighborhood!

Exclusive Pages: Your neighborhoods Exclusive Pages will include “Featured Families” as well as other resident submitted article that your neighbors submit. Would you like to write a short article for all of your neighbors to see? Go to the Submit content page in your Exclusive Pages section. Remember that only your neighbors have access to these pages. If you’d like to share some of these articles with out of town family, let us know and we can send you a PDF of the article for you to send to them.

Events: on your Events page, you will find events that are going on in and around your neighborhood. Have a business networking group that you love? Submit it to us and we can post it here. Having a Block Party this winter? Send it to us and we can post it in your neighborhood page. The same privacy policy exists here. Only your neighborhood will be able to see your events. We will be rolling out the ability for residents to self-submit events in the future.

Rewards: This is our favorite part! We reward you for participating. As you post, comment, and share, you will be earning NaberCoin. Check your balance regularly and once you have accumulated enough points, you can use them in our store for gift cards to local area businesses or “double” them and we will donate the amount in your name to a local area charity. Where else can you do that!

Building Stronger Communities for a Cause!

Next Steps:

  1. Add your profile pic today and start earning points!
  2. Complete your profile so that others can get to know you. Please don’t forget to include your address. Note that your address is only visible by you and our staff. We need to verify your address within one week of you signing up or your profile will be deleted. If you have any concerns, please contact me at
  3. Start posting and getting to know the folks that live around you. You will be earning points as you do!
  4. Invite others. This is a brand-new platform and we know that others will be skeptical at first, so your kind words and support will only help us grow.
  5. Watch for updates and new features. As we grow, we will be adding new features on a regular basis. Video uploads are next on the release schedule and we are excited to release it to you!
  6. Please only register your personal profile. If you have a business that you’d like to promote on NaberLink, please contact me at Rick.Jewett@NaberLink.comfor more details. All unauthorized business profiles will be deleted.

Thanks so much for tolerating such a long message. But we felt it necessary for everyone to hear about us and what our mission is.