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Happy O’Brien

Precious Pets

Happy O’Brien, Sweet & Loyal Pup

Story by Rachel O’Brien, Seville Resident

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Family Members Names

Rachel, Devyn and Garrett O’Brien

Pet’s Name


What kind of animal/breed is it? 

Lab/Pit Mix

Is your pet a male or female? 


How old is your pet? 

11 years old

Where and why did you get your pet? 

We got Happy at an Animal Rescue Shelter. He and his sister were found on the side of a road without their mom at just 5 weeks old. We adopted him just a week later. We chose to get a dog because my daughter Devyn, who was 5 years old at the time, was terrified of dogs. We were hoping that caring for a little puppy would help ease her fears and thankfully it worked! Devyn is now a dog lover!  

Is there a story behind his name?

There was a cartoon with a dog named Happy at the time and we thought it was a cute name for a dog and it fits his personality well!

Is there anything special or unusual about them you would like to share?

Happy is an 80-pound lap dog. Whenever we sit on the floor, happy will quickly crawl on our lap. He may look big and intimidating but he’s very loving and affectionate.

What do you like best about your pet?  

We love that Happy is loyal and loving. He seems to know when someone in the family is hurt or sick because he’ll stay extra close and won’t leave our side until we’re feeling better.  

How spoiled is your pet? 

Happy is extremely spoiled! He’s loved by the whole family, especially his two grandpas.

What else should we know about your pet and how has your pet enriched your home and family?

Happy is a big part of our family and has been a source of comfort when we’ve needed it. We’ve poured a lot of love into him and he’s given a whole lot of love right back to us.

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