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How Do You Have Time For That?!

Always In A Rush, BUT…

Yes, we live in a fast pace, on-the-go world. How many times have you said, “I just don’t have time for that!” Or this question I get a lot, “How do you find time for that?!”

The answer is you will ALWAYS have time for things or people that you MAKE time for. Yes, of course it’s hard sometimes. Yet, the people who are the most successful seem to almost always have time for the things that matter most to them!

Planning can be hard and a tiring thought for some people, but when you plan for things, you are setting aside time for it to happen. You are setting aside time for something YOU want to do and this allows you to control your time for anything! Maybe that is a vacation, business meeting, event, or how maybe it’s for family! For some this is easy, for others it can be challenging…and that’s OK! There’s no judging, just helping here.

Learning to make time for things in life may actually help you feel less rushed! What?! Are you wondering how in the world that is possible? (Haha) Or are you reading this thinking, “yea, right!” Either way, see if these simple and easy on-the-go tips work for you! Planning and setting out time for yourself and things in life doesn’t have to be a hard task. If you can use these tips, you may just surprise yourself with a few extra minutes in your day to take care of…oh I don’t know…maybe time for you!? What a fun thought!

How Does a #Mominarush Make Time?

1) Pick a calendar or planner that not only works for you, but one that you will actually use!!

~ Using multiple calendars just takes more time to keep up with, so pick one and stick with it.

~ Know what works for you! Is it a planner? A wall calendar? Your mobile device calendar? Oh and yes, there’s an app for that!!

2) Layout your calendar and begin entering special dates!

Here’s how I like to enter things into my calendar:

~ First, enter all holidays and family birthdays/anniversaries.

~ Next, enter family vacations, work days with special projects/deadlines that you can not miss, conferences, etc.

~ Then, I will pull up our school district calendar and enter all half days, start/end days of breaks and the year.

~ Now, you take it from here. With specifics I. Your calendar first, it allows you to add in sports, activity schedules, personal things, etc.

Having your calendar with all this in it, makes it #sosimple for when a Mom asks if you can have a play date or your kids ask if you can take them somewhere. You whip out your calendar on the fly and check the date!

Here’s the most important tip I can give you…IF you really want to be sure you have time for the important things your life and things that you want to do, then when ANYONE asks you if you can do something or go somewhere or participate in an activity, your reply is this:

“Oh that sounds great, I will check the calendar and get back to you!”

Do you know what you just did there…you CONTROLLED YOUR TIME!!! Yahoo!!!

It really can be simple, first take the time to find what calendar works for you…then just start! Ready, Set, Plan!

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