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Meet the Jorgenson Family!

Meet the Jorgenson Family!

By Suzanne Jorgenson , Queen Creek Resident  March 2020

Photo credit: Kendyl Hawkins on Instagram: @KendylHawkins_portraits

Tell us about your family. 

Believe it or not, I’m a native of Arizona. I grew up in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale area and Tristan is from Ogden Utah. We met when he was selling pest control in Phoenix.  Our lives have been a whirlwind since we married and had children.  Our girl’s names are Olivia (8) and Charlotte (5).  We also have two dogs. A Golden doodle named Toby, and a small chihuahua named Penny. They are a rambunctious crew and keep us on our toes!

How long have you lived in the area? Where do you live?

We spent two years in Utah near Tristen’s family when we found out we were pregnant, I said I need to go home. So eight years ago, we moved the family to Queen Creek. We found the house values to be reasonable and a great small community that we could feel good about. We live in Remington Heights, that’s on Rittenhouse and Hawes. I love being really close to Target that was a huge selling point. We love it here and never want to leave! We love the people and really like the location. We like living in an area that is slower paced and still has some country charm. It is especially excellent if you have children.

What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood?

The People! we especially love our street because of all the kids! My kids are outside all day playing with the neighbor kids, making memories and being active!

What do you like to do as a family on the weekend?

We really like going to the movies! Our girls love the movie theater and we always get ice cream on the weekends.  Menchies is our favorite place to get ice cream every Saturday. That’s our number one weekend activity. We also like to go to Mansell Carter Oasis park; OK we really love that and it’s right down the street from our house so we can ride our bikes there. They have a great splashpad that the girls run through the water spouts and get dumped water on them from the hanging buckets that fill up. They also like to run up the hill and play on the large playground area.  There is a large man-made pond that is stocked with fish. Sometimes in the summer we will play there for hours, fish and then I’ll go pick up Chick-fil-A and we will eat at the picnic tables under the ramadas and make it a full day of fun!

Are your girls involved in any type of sports or activities?  

Our girls Love Softball, they play in the Queen Creek Heat league and they absolutely love it! Tristan has been their coach the past couple years and its really become a family activity!

What type of Activities or Hobbies do you enjoy?

Tristan Loves CrossFit, and goes to CrossFit Incite. I love house projects like doing ship lap, putting up wallpaper and anything I can use a power tool on. We all love going to the movies, getting ice-cream, and hanging out as a family.

It’s a rainy day (or 122° day!) what do you do as a family around town?

We have just discovered Elevate Queen Creek! Elevate is a great indoor kid/adult friendly trampoline place with all kinds of fun activities.  My girls love the OdySea Aquarium and Butterfly Wonderland in Scottdale. I recently took my kids to the Lego Discovery Center in Tempe and they really had a great time.  There’s also a new Crayola Experience in the Chandler mall and that one is top notch.

Has there ever been a moment or time when you didn’t want to live in Arizona?

I feel that way at least once a summer when the temperatures hit 115 degrees and then winter comes and I realize that this is the perfect place to live!

Where is the best place to watch the sunrise or sunset in your opinion?

I will have to say just in Queen Creek because we still have a lot of open fields.  I just walk outside my door and have the most magical view. I mean we really have a stunning sunset every night. They’re so beautiful you don’t have to go far.

Where is the best place to go where you feel most like a “local”?

I feel like the activities and events that Queen Creek hosts throughout the year is a great way to get involved with the community and see what is happening in the town. On Friday nights, the local food trucks gather near the library. You can meet friends and hang out listening to music and trying some great food!

If you had a recommendation of a little-known “locals” spot to go to, what would it be?

We’ve got really cool little things like a Mexican market called Mercado on Ocotillo and S. Ellsworth.  I think it’s really authentic stuff. I like to buy my vanilla there and it’s kind of a hidden treasure.



For Mexican food we Love Deans Hermanos, the people are so nice and it’s a family place for sure! We are also excited for Barrio Queen to open. We enjoy Oreganos, and Sauce and you can’t go wrong with some DoughLicious Desserts to end the night!

Vacation Destination:

We recently took a trip to Mission Beach San Diego and we fell in love with it! We can’t wait to take the kids back there! Tristan and I really want to go on another Caribbean cruise! We go to Disneyland a few times a year as well!

Favorite Sports Teams:

Tristan loves The Utah JAZZ, and ALABAMA Crimson Tide.

TV Show/Movie:

There are so many shows and movies I love, but I love outlander and Poldark, I really love time pieces! We love anything Disney.

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