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Junior Vet for the Day

Junior Vet for the Day

Seville Veterinary Hospital hosted aspiring young vets…

Story by Ally Stone, Seville Junior Contributor

I’ve always had a great love for all animals, so when I heard about Jr. Vet, I was excited! I have always wondered about what happened behind the doors when I took my dog to Seville Veterinary Hospital. When the opportunity arose to participate in Jr. Vet, I knew I would apply. In the days leading up, you can imagine how excited I was to experience a day as a veterinarian!

When our group of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders got to the office, Dr. Bronz led the group on a tour. The fun had just begun! Some of the activities that followed were, learning about X-rays, microscopes, ultrasounds, bandaging, and surgeries. I really enjoyed bandaging and surgeries. When my partner and I learned to bandage, our furry patients were very quiet and still. Not very hard for a stuffed animal!

But we treated them with care just as the doctors taught us. We made sure that their bandage was not to tight or too loose. It was also important to follow the proper procedure. As we moved on to learn about surgeries on animals, the doctors explained that we would be conducting our own surgery with the stuffed animals. I was nervous but ready for anything that came my way. I put my hair net, gloves and face mask on.

During the surgery, we were able to identify the organs and we learned how to correctly use surgical tools. Upon completion of a successful surgery, Dr. Harvey announced there had been a complication with our patient! She told us that our patient was going to have five puppies and we needed to deliver them. To our surprise, when we went to deliver them, there was a real baby kitten. It was adorable!

Soon after, we were led into a room and we were given goodie bags! The bags consisted of healthy treats for our pets, pet toys, and other necessities for being a good vet. Once we all had a bag, it was time for popsicles. With popsicle in hand, we went to another room and were shown different X-rays.

Before I knew it, the day was almost over! As one final task we were able to ask each vet questions. Their responses were amazing and got me excited about my future! I’m incredibly thankful that the doctors and staff took time out of their busy schedules to encourage kids in our community to participate in learning about what all goes into taking care of animals! Even Barney took his job seriously. It was a phenomenal experience, and you just may see Dr. Stone one day at Seville Veterinarian!

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