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Story by Chris Burt, Seville Santiago Resident

Photo credit: Christine Lowell Photography

Chris, Jessica, Liam, Stella, Isaac, and Lucille.

We be the Burts, and many and might are we.  Chris and Jessica were born and raised in Michigan. They met each other during their last year of study at the University of Michigan in a class for science teachers. Jessica quips that she fell for Chris as the least dorky guy in class.  Chris’s quips have been reasonably censored, but his admiration and love for his wife are immutable. After a few years of courtship, Chris and Jessica got married and threw a dart at a map to determine where they would start their adventure: Arizona!

Chris and Jessica’s love was an uncommon one. Their connection and passion for each other ran deep and blossomed into four marvelous children: Liam, Stella, Isaac and Lucille.

Liam leads with a quiet strength, a savvy mind, a deep heart of kind, and the determination against which no obstacle can withstand. The most resilient spirit with the essence of summer resides in Stella. A giver of light, a fighter of might, Stella’s grace warms every room. You can catch Liam and Stella on the court during a Casteel basketball game.

The laughing, dashing, action-packing Isaac is as ready for a game of chess or cards as he is for a game of basketball or football. He is outspoken in his keen sense of justice and his vigilance for the care of others. Isaac is thriving in the Accelerated Middle School at Basha. A fireball of potent vitality, with the soft sweetness of a peach, Lucy commands audiences to infectious laughter. A natural athlete, Lucy plays at many sports and is the last Burt left at Riggs Elementary.

Jessica has continued her career in education and can be currently found caring for students as a counselor at Casteel High School.  Chris left teaching to become self-employed and currently owns a State Farm Agency located next door to Papa John’s at Higley and Chandler Heights. Always open to meeting new people, Chris’s door is open to you for a cup of coffee, a conversation or a game of ping pong.

Altogether, we are Burtopia, which is, was, and ever shall be the spirit of love and light by which we imprint our life and legacy. It’s an experience, a spark we share, the ignition of aligning a perpetual breath of connection to all of you out there. Welcome to Burtopia.

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