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Meet the Eeds Family

Story by Sara Eeds, Seville Bellamonte III Resident

Photo Credit: Mike Olbinski Photography

Hi! We are the Eeds family, Tyler, Sara, Rachel, and Wyatt

Tyler and I both grew up in Oklahoma. We actually met in 8th grade in our science class! We are high school sweethearts that got married when were 21 and moved to Arizona about a year later in March when Tyler received a better job opportunity. Now we own our company. When that first summer hit I thought we made the biggest mistake of our lives it was so hot. Now though, until it hits 110 it feels bearable. I’ve turned into such a wimp though for the cold. As soon as it is 60 I am freezing.

After moving around from neighborhood to neighborhood in Chandler, and even Maricopa, for the first 8 years we lived in Arizona we moved to Seville. We bought a home in Bellemonte III and haven’t looked back. We absolutely love it here. We have made the most amazing friends who have become our family. We love being in such an active and giving community. 

Rachel, our daughter, is the oldest 12 and will be starting at Casteel this July. She loves to read and recently started playing beach volleyball. She is also the reason we have our Bernedoodle, Lola. She wanted a dog so badly that she wrote a report on all the benefits to having a dog and all the things that would need to be done to have a dog. I finally gave in and now we all love Lola to pieces. 

Wyatt, our son, is 8 and in 3rd grade at Riggs. He plays basketball, loves jumping on the trampoline, riding his new electric scooter, playing with friends, playing with Lola and using Lola as own personal pillow. He is loud one minute and cuddly the next and can fall asleep anywhere. 

We love to travel. Anytime we can you will likely find the Eeds on a plane or in a car on our way to a new destination to explore. Wyatt told me that he wanted to go to China because he saw that a restaurant there had mini flags on the table that you can raise when you wanted something. When I explained how long it took to get there he changed his mind and said he wanted to go to Pennsylvania instead. He is one funny kid. So far our favorite destinations seem to be anywhere with a tropical beach.


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