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Queen Creek Running Company

By Logan Brooks, Owner

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Neighborhood Sponsor:

Logan Brooks, Owner & Founder

Queen Creek Running Company



23858 S Power Road Suite 103, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Footwear & Sporting Goods

Our company is the regions provider for all your athletic, outdoor, walking, gym/training, and comfort footwear needs. We also provide outdoor apparel, head-wear, hydration gear and packs, nutrition, recovery tools, and much more! All with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.

What sets us apart from other footwear stores is our specialized, detailed, and personal approach to fitting your foot and it’s particular needs. We start with a brief description of your goal to be attained in the shoe. Then, we get a clear idea on your current and past foot health, ie; heel pain, plantar fasciitis, a past surgery, bunions, etc. Then, we measure out your foot by both length, width, and arch type. Lastly, we perform a 30 second video recording of your foot in motion on our treadmill before replaying it back to you all while looking for common indicators that will guide us to the shoe that will perform best for your foot and your particular gait, and foot strike. It’s as simple as that. Detailed, and precise in 5 minutes or less!

Neighborhood Sponsor:

We have been in business for nearly 1 year exactly, opening on June 23rd of 2018. Our company currently employs just 2 employees.

My desire to open Queen Creek Running Company came from a lot of different factors and life experiences. However, I’d say first and foremost my inspiration came from my desire and belief that you never take a day, a breath, or a second for granted in this life. I have always felt like life in itself is a miracle and a blessing that cannot be sacrificed. I have believed that life has its ups and downs, but it is those experiences that ultimately bring focus to our calling in this life, and in my case, my life. It is a journey that I am grateful for everyday, regardless.

My company aims to always put our customers, community, schools, and morals first! We do this by a relentless attention to the details of both our products, but also our practices. We have also gone out of our way to help local charities, schools, races, businesses, and families in their goals of achieving health and happiness.

My advice to the residents of our local neighborhoods? To simply always be OPEN. Be open to change. Be open to growth. Be open to our neighbors, our loved ones, and ourselves. It is empowerment. And it will affect each and everyone of us, I believe, in a positive light if we would just be open to it.

What led me to this industry was a career in management at the retail level, a life in athletics, as well as a desire to cultivate a place for like minded people to explore themselves both physically, mentally, and emotionally. All tucked in to a small town. The impetus for this was most likely from being born and raised in Coos Bay, Oregon. A small, coastal town known for its logging and fishing industry. But I have always felt like it should best be known for the character and morals of its residents. It will always be home.

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