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Meet the Sanchez Family!

Say “Hi” to Matt, and Mandy Sanchez!

and our children, Arie, Reese, Rowen, and Charlotte.

Story by Mandy Sanchez, Watermark Resident

Professional Photos: Visual Creations Photography

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How long have you lived in this neighborhood?

We have been residents of the Ocotillo area for four years now. We just moved from Fulton Ranch to Watermark last month. Our baby, Charlotte, was born and brought home to our home in Fulton Ranch! Everyone we have met during our time here has been welcoming and helpful. There is an active dynamic to this area of the Valley that feels inclusive and safe. There are always children playing throughout the neighborhoods, ours included. Friendly faces are always out and about walking their dogs, jogging the trails, working in their yards—and you will always be noticed and greeted with a wave.

What do you like to do to relax?

We are very active members of the Village Health Club! Matt does his workouts early in the morning. He enjoys the Spartan race series and we have traveled a few places including North Carolina and Hawaii for him to take part in races. Next month we are heading to California to run one together. I enjoy the Yoga, muscle, and other various classes the Village has to offer while the kids are at school. Our children enjoy the yoga program as well! We are always finding something to do at the club! We even have date night at the café!

Arie (11,) and Charlotte (2)

Activities/Hobbies/Community Involvement:

Arie is a member of the Performance Plus dance team at Starz in Motion! Along with several of the neighborhood girls, she has really found her passion and talent at this studio! Reese and Rowen play various sports including soccer on the fields at Snedigar. Charlotte has been in swim lessons since she was about 3 months old at SwimKids USA! She also took tumbling there from the time she was little. I try to volunteer at the kids’ schools as often as I can. Being involved in their education is important to me. Whether I am stuffing folders, chaperoning field trips, or planning preschool parties, I want my kids to know I support them in their education. As a family, we enjoy going to the community park when the weather is nice, attending church together on the weekends, and supporting each other in our events. With such a large blended family, someone is always doing something, and we make sure they have a large cheering section! We have jokingly dubbed our family the #SanchezSquad. No one is ever alone in our active house!

Reese (8)

Vacation Destination: 

One of our biggest vacations to date was a week in CA taking everyone to watch Arie’s dance team perform at Disneyland, and following that up with Matt and I’s wedding in Rancho Palos Verde—that was quite the week. We love going to New Mexico to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Sometimes we like to bring them here for a staycation! The kiddos are begging for a beach vacation so maybe we will have to branch out next year.

Rowen (6)

Sports Teams: 

We are a house greatly divided when it comes to sports. I grew up in Ohio and you will find me supporting the Buckeye’s every Saturday! Matt attended Notre Dame, so he is forever Irish. Charlotte was born right after the Buckeye’s defeated the Irish in the Fiesta Bowl (which we attended), so I think she’s a Buckeye fan. Arie sides with her Dad for the Irish and Reese usually strings over for OSU. Rowen has yet to choose a side!

TV Show/Movie/Music:

The kids love to command Alexa to play songs to get a dance party started! Everything from The Wheels on the Bus, to JoJo Siwa, to the Spice Girls gets played around the house! One show we all enjoy watching together is America’s Funniest Home Videos! I remember watching this as a kid with my family and knowing my kids will still sit down and watch a show all together makes it a great one! Everyone loves a funny baby or dog video!

Family Traditions:

As the Mom and Stepmom, I try to always make sure we sit down to eat dinner together. Whether it is a full home cooked dinner or take out, I try to get all six of us around the table to spend time talking about our days. There are NO ELECTRONICS allowed during these meal times which is amazing and wonderful! We try to stay involved in activities grounded in the community. We do summer reading at the library, community give-back through our church, and fall and spring festivals at local farms. During Christmas, I have started “saving Christmas trees” with the kids. We drive around to all the Christmas tree lots and find the “Charlie Brown” trees that no one wants. We bring them home to decorate with whatever we can find and throw presents under all of them. The last few years I think we had three trees and a few smaller artificial ones. The kids have to open presents in many different rooms on Christmas!

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