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Laser Tag Birthday Party

The Bubbly Hostess

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Story by Heather Sneed, Friend of Seville

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My boys love playing laser tag, so when my older son asked for a laser tag birthday party, I was all in. We booked the “Glow Party” at Stratum Laser Tag, which inspired both of us for the cake design.

Starting with the cake, he chose the “Purple Rain” cake mix by Duff – with the purple and white batter swirled before baking, it creates a pretty cool cake! He requested a really big cake – so we used four boxes to make two large layers.

We then frosted it black; I have learned my lesson over the years around coloring fondant and frosting. I started with a chocolate frosting base to make the process of getting it to black a lot easier!

The next step was to add purple and green sprinkles and after that all set, I made royal icing to “fling” the cake, using a fork. Following the flinging, was another round of sprinkles.

Neighborhood Sponsor:

During the party, the guests played two rounds of laser tag and once they headed out of the party room for the first round, I cracked open five green glow sticks and five purple ones and stuck them in the top of the cake; it was his 10th birthday and it looked awesome.

When the party goers came back into the room in between games, they enjoyed pizza, drinks, and of course some of that cake.

For the party favors, we filled bags with a green silicone bracelet, a purple and a green glow stick, a bag of Pop Rocks (either green apple or grape) and a green apple rock candy stick as well as a grape rock candy stick. A bag filled with candy? Of course, they were a big hit!

I had a lot of fun planning this party with my son; he had been thinking about it for about a year before it actually happened! He had such great ideas about the colors for the cake that led to what went into the party favors as well.

You can also visit my site at to read more details about the party, the cake, and the favors including links to products. You can also find The Bubbly Hostess on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter – I always love new followers!

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